Brochures & Product Copy

Tangible assets like brochures work hard - we’re talking Voldemort’s survival instincts hard. As well as convincing customers that they can’t possibly go on without your products and services, they’re your opportunity to demonstrate your brand. So why cut corners with the copy?

It’s got to be sharp, snappy, persuasive and unforgettable. And unlike digital media, there’s no magic eraser once it’s printed and distributed – snooze-worthy content or embarrassing typos are out in the universe for the long-term. And if it looks naff, well…so do you. Get it right first-time with copy that sells.

Case Studies

Great content tells consumers what makes your business amazing, and case studies give them a reason to believe it. Shine the spotlight on your successes with compelling snapshots of how you’ve blown clients' socks off, earning trust and authority with real-world examples of what you offer.

But these aren’t your grandparents’ case studies. Instead of the painfully dry corporate theses of the past,
Words By RR creates content that celebrates your brand in a vibrant, contemporary and - most importantly – accessible way. That talk to rather than at your customers, involving them in the journey, providing reassurance and having some fun along the way.

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya

Whitepapers & Guides

Help out your customers with valuable information and promote your brand at the same time.

Words By RR translates your expertise into powerful whitepapers and guides, building trust and credibility while making you the voice of authority in your field...all while highlighting your products.


Let's talk about impeccably written whitepapers and guides, constructed from your insights and my wordsmithing.

Brand & Tone of Voice

What makes you, you? You’ve probably already done a lot of work on defining your brand, but how are you communicating that identity, and how are you maintaining its consistency?

Words By RR creates assets that shape, express and synchronise your company’s public image, helping you find your voice and deliver that uniquely ‘you’ experience.


Tell me about your brand’s personality and the feelings you want to evoke, and I'll produce editorial guides that fuse this character with your customers’ hearts, minds and wallets.

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